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In addition to creating Mixed Media Art on canvas, the expansion of my creations has been on my list for some time.

Creating special wallpaper, carpets or murals with my details.

But also room dividers, tapestries or a nice print on glass........

How Little Art finally got a "big" turn!


exhibition uiteigenatelier in nijmegen

By appointment a couple visits my studio on a sunday morning.


By visiting my website, the lady had previously shown interest in my Small art I added to my larger paintings.


After receiving the small art object, her interest in my work has grown even more and an option is taken on a painting.........

Look and see what you want to see!


exhibition uiteigenatelier in nijmegen

Everybody should have the opportunity to experience my paintings in their own way.

That’s why my paintings are untitled - look and see what you want to see is my motto!

Personally I don’t want to limit my.....

Movie Star For One Day!


I was recently portrayed in a promo video, by filmmaker Irene de Mol and cameraman Jop de Jong.

A wonderful opportunity that has been offered to me by Kunst of Art, as one of the 10 selected.....

Unplanned Collaborate!


exhibition uiteigenatelier in nijmegen

Earlier, I blogged about my upcoming exhibition, in May and June, at the City-Brewery Wittenburg in Zevenaar.

I first thought only to exhibit, but soon I realised it  was connected to a wonderful charity!


Look Good Feel Better NL is.....



exhibition uiteigenatelier in nijmegen

By Gallery 1880 / Kunst of Art in Laag Keppel, I am selected for

their project 'Art and entrepreneurship'

Feel very honored!


Beautiful new items are offered.....

Artfully Regional Product!


exhibition uiteigenatelier in nijmegen

I live in a small town in Holland.

Nothing spectacular....but does have one real brewery!


Stadsbrouwerij Zevenaar brews many regional beers.....

Strong Together!


exhibition uiteigenatelier in nijmegen

Strong together! Jook & I... we have never met each other in real life, only on Social-Media.

Jook saw my abstract work on wood and a week later, she was the happy new owner.....

Does LinkedIn work for me, as an artist?


exhibition uiteigenatelier in nijmegen

Invited by Galery 1880/ Kunst of Art in Laag Keppel, for their new project, I decided to make a LinkedIn profile.

For an artist like me, it is important.....