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Art during the Pandemic


Kunst in Pandemie-tijd.jpg

As a result of the Pandemic, working from home is suddenly a fact.

Also in the heart of the Netherlands with a young couple, with one of my abstract works of art on the wall in their living room.

During a ZOOM meeting this painting is spotted by a colleague, on the other side of the screen.

"What's the beauty behind you?"

The artwork is fully portrayed and admired by the colleague.
'Great artwork'!

'Who is the creator ?'

After some exchange of information, the admirer turns out to be really charmed and visits my website.

By mail I receive numbers, corresponding to the preferred works of art.
In this way a price list can be sent quickly and easily.

An appointment to visit my studio is immediately scheduled and takes place 3 days later.

The fact that more than 150 km has to be traveled is no problem at all.

That makes me very happy, that distance is not an issue.

A work with a lot of texture in brown tones in a black wooden frame is selected and can be taken home immediately.

This art lover shows a lot of interest in my method and during our conversation it becomes clear to me that his house is filled with artworks by Karel Appel and Salvador Dalí.

Proud to have my work added to this!

Selling art in a very special way in a special time.


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