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Ineke Tijsseling

I'm Ineke Tijsseling, born in the east of Holland (1963) in a very creative artistic family.

Married, mother (in law) and grandmother of a beautiful little girl.

Educated as a nurse but I decided at the end of 2013 to follow my other passion, painting.

Soon I had my first exhibition and my painting is auctioned for a charity in Holland.

So thankful for that!


That painting with an an Italian touch is placed as a Cover-Photo by an Italian online art-site.

What a wonderful compliment!


Beautiful exhibitions are offered to me including HiltonParisOrly where two of my artworks were recently seen.

Also a gallery in LaagKeppel (a town in my neighbourhood) selects my art for their project and on assignment I can make five big paintings in my own style.

Happy me!


My preference is painting with acrylic paint, with my hands.

I rarely use a brush when I make a work of art.

My work is layered and is characterized by a lot of texture. Natural colors but also pastels are favorite.


I get inspiration everywhere.

Beautiful papers; the everyday life on the street; nature and graphics can be an inspiration for me to create a work of art.

Even though a plan in the painting process can get a complete turn of both color and appearance.

But that's never a problem.

My work is always untitled.

I love it when the viewer uses his/her imagination.

"Look and see what you want to see" is the only thing I want to say about my art.


Much of my artworks can be observed in different ways.

And daylight can affect the look and feel of the work.

During the day it looks like if you have another artwork on the wall!


Welcome to my website and wish you a lot of viewing pleasure.    

I hope to meet you at my exhibitions or at my studio!


Creative greetings,

Ineke Tijsseling

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