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Look and see what you want to see!

27/12/2016 zevenaar art

Everybody should have the opportunity to experience my paintings in their own way.

That’s why my paintings are untitled - look and see what you want to see is my motto!

Personally I don’t want to limit my audience’s interpretation by providing a title or summary that says what the painting is suppose to express and what people should look for to understand the meaning, as it’s just a matter of perception.

Recently I hosted a small but very nice exhibition. It’s wonderful to see how these events are always getting you into interesting conversations with others. A visitor walked up next to me and said that he liked my paintings. However he was very eager to give me some additional feedback as well.

Visitor: “I don’t see any titles, madam”

Me: “That's right, my artworks are free to interpret as you like”

Visitor: “I like it, but a painting must have a title''

This gave me the opportunity to explain why I don’t use titles.

It is pretty straightforward though, I like people to use their own imagination and let them determine the meaning.

After this explanation the visitor gets a bit irritated and even a little unfriendly.


It seemed like working without titles made no sense to him at all.

I asked him what title he would have liked for that particular painting which struck him with even more confusion.

It wasn’t up to him he said. But that’s my point, I do think it’s up to the viewer. I thanked him for the inspiring talk as we moved on.

This is the way I work. I’ll continue to work and utilize my passion and imagination to keep delivering paintings that inspire people.


And try to surprise them with the painting’s diversity each time they look at it.

Now go and try it yourself,

look and see what you want to see! art zevenaar
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