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Does LinkedIn work for me, as an artist?

02/03/2016 linkedin perry

Invited by Galery 1880/ Kunst of Art in Laag Keppel, for their new project, I decided to make a LinkedIn profile.

For an artist like me, it is important to be seen.


Because it was all new for me, I connected an '' important'' LinkedIn- adviser, Perry van Beek 

and visited professional photographer Bas Weetink, because of my profile-picture. 


After all this, I posted content on my profile and within no time,

I got comments and connection requests! 




Most of the comments were about my profile-picture.


Bas is a very great photographer and I hope, he has got many customers!

This was not my intention at all.

Art is about emotion and inspiration and I wanted to share my work.


But all of a sudden, I got a message from Mark Evertzen, an entrepeneur fom the north of Holland.

He saw my work on LinkedIn and was really interested in my work.

He had to drive a couple of hours and after he visited my studio,

there was a large painting at the backseat of his car.

Happy me!


Thank you Mark!

Because of you , I know by now, LinkedIn does work!


And all the other ''messages''.... they give me a big smile!


exhibition uiteigenatelier in nijmegen
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