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How it all started, in 2013



A call on Social Media catches my attention, in which artists are asked to make a work of art for the Hartpainting Project.

The proceeds go entirely to a wonderful charity, a Hospice in the East of my country. 

A very nice initiative!

An exhibition is planned and through an auction, led by an auctioneer, bids can be made on all works.


I have never made a great work of art before and there is some doubt in my mind.
After contact with the very enthusiastic initiator, I let that go and get to work.
Italy is my favorite holiday country and I make a painting with an Italian touch.
A fiat-500, completely in line with Italy, should not be missing.

On the agreed day I bring my artwork to the Hospice where I am warmly welcomed.

I see the dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers.
They all deserve an award!


All donated artworks are first shown online so that everyone can take a look before the exhibition starts in the beautiful City Museum Doetinchem.
My work has never been exhibited before and now you can also bid, how exciting is that!

The final takes place during a festive auction where the auctioneer really manages to enthuse the full house. This is so special!

An offer had already been made online at my work and there is a gentleman in the room who is also interested. My artwork can eventually go home with him. 

A great amount will be collected this evening, entirely for the benefit of the Hospice!


Afterwards he comes to thank me for the beautiful work of art.
Very special, because if anyone should be thanked, it is this gentleman, for buying my art.

I wonder why his eye fell on my work. "My wife and I just returned from our tour through Italy, in a Fiat 500. When we saw this work, we preferred this painting".

l look back with great satisfaction on this experience in which I was able to dedicate myself to charity, exhibit for the first time and make a couple happy with my work.
A few years after this meeting, I receive an email from the couple.
That they are still very happy with my work of art! 

Glad I put my doubts aside then.

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