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Why do I paint what I paint?


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Many fellow artists have a very clear idea of what they want to paint when they start a new painting.
It's different for me.

It took me a while to figure out how it works for me.


Without knowing exactly what I actually want to express on canvas, I start.
A color palette and often a play of lines together form a kind of 'idea' in my head, without actually forming a plan.
Combat with the 'bare canvas', that's what I call it.
A huge challenge every time!
Not knowing what you are painting but being guided by colors and lines.
And through that piece of paper.
It always starts with that.
Big or small, but always present.
My way of creating texture.

During the painting process, a feeling arises with the work of art in the making.
Especially by looking a lot.
And while watching I often feel the association with stored images.
Memories in my head.


Rough rocks along the coastline of Sydney, for example, or the overwhelming nature of Tasmania
But also closer to home, such as skating rounds on natural ice with my grandmother in the north of the country.
Faded foliage on a forest path while walking our dog in the past.
Images suddenly appear.


I tried turning it once.
To create something on canvas with premeditation.
With a purpose in mind.
It turned out to be nothing.
Didn't look like anything.
There is no connection, feeling or emotion with me.

It works fine for me, just Go With the Flow.
Wonderful free work.
Without rules, do what feels right.
And without titles, I often experience them as oppressive.
That is of course very personal.


When seeing art, brain areas that are involved in the experience of emotion are activated.
Emotion is of course different for everyone and so is the experience.
Don't judge, just watch and feel what it brings about.
Let it speak to your own imagination!

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