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Movie Star For One Day!


promo abstract

I was recently portrayed in a promo video, by filmmaker Irene de Mol and cameraman Jop de Jong.

A wonderful opportunity that has been offered to me by Kunst of Art, as one of the 10 selected artists for the project "Art & Entrepreneurship".


As an artist, at work in my studio and then recorded on film .... exciting until the last second!


Very thankful, because I could choose my own film-music. That was not so difficult. Our son, living in Australia at this moment, is a great music composer .... yes, proud mom ;) ...and glad he was able, to make music for me!


There followed weeks of frequent consultation and a wonderful cooperation, with the whole crew. Never any irritation .... just working hard, for the most beautiful and personalized results.


And it worked. A very nice movie, has now handed me. Proud of everyone who has made his contribution to this!It's wonderful stuff that I will be using as an artist, because .....


Moviestar ........ was just for one day!

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