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In addition to creating Mixed Media Art on canvas, the expansion of my creations has been on my list for some time.

Creating special wallpaper, carpets or murals with my details.
But also room dividers, tapestries or a nice print on glass.


Creations with which you could give an interior an exclusive appearance.

Exclusivity is important to me because there is so much "of the same".
If I could live up to that dream ...


Then I experience the power of Social Media.


A beautiful company in sunny Marbella, traces my artworks and approaches me for PRINTERIOR.

Feel very honored!

After some nice conversations and a wonderful meeting with the founder of ART meets INTERIOR, Monique van Doorn, it feels good.

Limited Editions are important to me as with my paintings.

Just like tailor-made so that exclusivity is guaranteed.


My work is valued by ART meets INTERIOR as I intended and my own contribution is appreciated.

I am an Absolute Member now and my creations can be found online.

Lovely reactions show me that special work is appreciated again.

Interior stylists respond to my creations just like the handyman who is going to restyle his house.

There is a price tag attached to a limited edition, but it is so nice that it is possible again after all those years of crisis! 


Has your interior already met art?

AMI 16 WEBa.jpg
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