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How Little Art finally got a "big" turn!

10/07/2017 zevenaar art

By appointment a couple visits my studio on a sunday morning.


By visiting my website, the lady had previously shown interest in my Little Art Gifts I added to my larger paintings.


After receiving the small art object, her interest in my work has grown even more and an option is taken on a painting.


"For us, being in this gallery is like a kid being in a candystore" was one of the most beautiful compliments I receive that morning, from a couple who collects art all over the world.

It makes me blush.

The choice eventually proves to be very difficult.

Many of my paintings would be lovely in their interior.


I move large paintings from my studio down into the living room.

Perhaps this could be decisive.

Indeed, their choice can now be made.

Carefully, the painting is packed and can go home with the couple.

The next morning I receive a beautiful picture of my art on their wall.

Beautiful, it was meant to be!


Later that day, I receive another message.

The lovely couple asks if it is possible to take another option on another painting.


How Little Art finally got a "big" turn! art zevenaar
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