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By Gallery 1880 / Kunst of Art in Laag Keppel, I am selected for

their project 'Art and entrepreneurship'

Feel very honored!

Beautiful new items are offered to me.

A workshop about the elevator pitch by Liesbeth Josiassen, a gallery-vissit at my studio and a beautiful exhibition at the gallery.

But the most exciting thing....a cameraman and filmmaker in my studio, to make a promo video!

They spent five hours, Irene de Mol & Jop de Jong, to film and interview me.

I often use the word ''authenticity'' ... very important in art, I think.

What a drive, enthusiasm and patience (a lot!) with this crew!

Even my cup of coffee, was filmed. Artists with the camera!

I think, there is no other option, than my little movie will be very beautiful, personal and unique.

About me, as a painter, just the way I am.

That's what I call, authenticity!

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