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Strong together!

Strong together! Jook & I... we have never met each other in real life, only on Social-Media.

Jook saw my abstract work on wood and a week later, she was the happy new owner of 2 works of mine.

She makes very beautiful pottery. Very pure. I think, like the way she is.

Very much in love with one of her creations, I made an order. Unpacking, felt like a birthday present. And everything handmade!

Immediately, I felt a match with my paintings...because of the texture and the colors.

Jook is doing very well with her ceramics, even DownUnder.

Once, she wants to start her Ceramic-B&B in the La Dolce Vita!

She already has let me know, that she will remember me, when she needs paintings on her B&B wall!

And I ....I have already made, a very early reservation, for her bed and breakfast!

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